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All parking spaces owned or operated by EasyPark are subject to event parking at any given time. Event parking (a one-time entry fee) may impact rates, facility access and payment options. The events listed below are scheduled to feature event parking on one, or more, nights (typically at the 6th & 7th Ave garages). Event parking collection begins 1.5 hours before the event time(s) noted below. For the latest event parking information, visit us on Facebook or Twitter.

Events will appear here when scheduled. Please check back for updates.

Event Rentals

Event organizers can rent our parking garages, parking lots, or either of The Rooftops (at 5th Ave parking garage or 7th Ave parking garage) for for an event as well as set up parking arrangement for your event attendees in downtown Anchorage.Please submit the following information to begin the event planning process.

Click here to begin the rental process for The Rooftop or other EasyPark Locations.

Road Closures