Locations & Rates

Downtown Employee Discount Program

For those who work downtown in the retail or restaurant industry and make less than $45k per year, EasyPark offers a 70% parking discount. Applications require proof of income.

Click here to learn more about qualifications.

Click here to apply online!

Print Street Meter and Garage Receipts

If you recently used a card to pay for parking at a street meter or garage. You can find your transaction and print or request a receipt!

Click here for Street Meters.

Click here for Garages.


EasyPark is pleased to provide our customers with a pay by phone payment option for our parking spaces in our surface lots and downtown street meters.

Simply download the app, park via the mobile site at paybyphone.com, or call 1-888-450-7275 to activate your parking session (or for assistance).

Online Forms

Complete and submit your forms online, to save yourself a visit to our office!

Click here to browse our forms.

Downtown Amenities

EasyPark provides tire inflation and jump starts for free to anyone parked in our lots, garages and on-street. Staff escorts are provided in our garages. Assistance is provided 7 days week from 10am-7pm.

Call 297-4471 to get started.

Flat Rate Event Parking

For large events at the Performing Arts Center, The Dena'ina and Egan Centers, and other events downtown, offer flat rate event parking. That means that customers can park for a number of hours for one price.

Event Parking is usually featured at the 6th & H St., and 7th & G St. garages, but can be features in any EasyPark garage or lot.

Parking Validation

We're excited to offer validation options to retailers, restaurants, special events and more in our lots and garages. If you or your organization would like to know more about offering validation check out your FAQ or email info@easyparkalaska.com.

Click here if you already have a validation program account and wish to process a validation.

Click here for the Validation Contract for Group Parking Events at Garages.

The Rooftop

EasyPark offers a rooftop park on the 5th & B St. parking garage. The park features a basketball court, seating areas, ping pong, and space to rent for events.

These spaces are free to use for individuals and available to rent for group events.

Click here to submit a Rooftop Rental Request.

Tour Bus/Shuttle Permit

Apply to make use of the Tour Bus/Shuttle Zone located on 4th Avenue next to the Visit Anchorage’s visitor center and Petrovich Park.

Click here to apply.

Purple Heart Parking

It is our pleasure to provide free parking to Purple Heart recipients in EasyPark garages.

Click here to apply for a Purple Heart Parking Permit.

Featured in all EasyPark garages except the JCPenney Garage.

Electric Vehicle Charging

EasyPark offers 2 hr. complimentary charging stations for electric vehicles at select locations. We are continuing to expand availability of these charging stations in our facilities and will keep an updated list of these locations below.