Phillip DeRouin Promoted as EasyPark's Facility Manager

March 28, 2022

Phillip DeRouin has been named EasyPark’s Facilities Manager. DeRouin has worked with EasyPark for 12 years as the Facilities Lead. Before his career with EasyPark, DeRouin worked in the electronics field. DeRouin is OSHA-certified and responsible for coordinating the year-round activities of maintenance and custodial workers engaged in maintaining and repairing buildings, grounds, facilities, and parking equipment.

"Phillip has proven he has strong communication and leadership skills, he has years of extensive hands on knowledge of our facilities mechanical systems and is highly focused on performing quality workmanship himself and his entire team," said Jeff Read, Parking Director for ACDA.


In 2005, the Anchorage Assembly adopted an amendment to the Anchorage Parking Authority Ordinance that created the Anchorage Community Development Authority (ACDA) with two departments: Development Services & Parking Services. In 2010, ACDA's Board of Directors adopted the name "EasyPark" to brand all parking facilities and programs of ACDA's parking division.