Employee Discount Parking Program Modified for New Hires

June 1, 2021

Discounted parking program rules change to support new hires

Anchorage Community Development Authority’s (ACDA) parking division, EasyPark’s, Downtown Employee Discount Program has been modified to allow for new hires to receive the 70% parking discount immediately, if they make less than $35,000 a year.

“We have received quite a bit of customer feedback from business owners regarding the challenges of getting new hires started on the discount parking program,” said Melinda Gant, Acting Executive Director for ACDA. “The parking management team of EasyPark reviewed the parking program and made adjustments to support downtown Anchorage’s large influx of summertime hires.”

The Downtown Employee Discount Program provides employees with a 70% parking discount at all EasyPark lots and garage locations.  The parking program is designed to encourage use of off-street parking locations making more on-street space for customers while supporting downtown businesses need for affordable parking for their employees in downtown Anchorage.

For first-time sign ups on the program, employees will need a letterhead from your employer indicating the following: Date of hire, rate of pay, scheduled hours, and if you are full time or part time status.

For more information about the Downtown Employee Parking Program, call EasyPark at 276-7275 or visit www.easyparkalaska.com for news updates about this and other new programs.


About EasyPark

EasyPark is the brand name of the parking services operated by Anchorage Community Development Authority (ACDA). ACDA is a public corporate authority for the Municipality of Anchorage. ACDA's parking division, EasyPark, manages more than 6,000 parking spaces in downtown Anchorage.