EasyPark 2023 Parking Survey

December 20, 2023

Almost 1,100 Anchorage residents weighed in on their downtown experience during the 2023 EasyPark Parking Survey.

The Downtown Parking Survey was conducted in July 2023 and almost 1,100 residents provided feedback. This survey provided us with a better understanding of the parking habits and preferences of Municipality of Anchorage residents to determine how we can improve our parking services and why people come downtown.

The survey highlighted demographics and why people come downtown. Additional highlights:

• 95% of people drive to downtown Anchorage

• 59% preferred street meter hourly parking

• 22% of respondents are planning to own an electric vehicle in the next five years

• 73% of respondents rated their parking experience as good to excellent

“With the Anchorage Assembly’s support, EasyPark will be taking steps to replace the existing on-street meters during spring 2024,” said Jeff Read, Parking Director for EasyPark. “We have been testing the new meters for the past year, and they will address power issues and have a larger LED screen to better view during the summer and winter.”

We want to thank the 1,066 residents who participated in the survey. The feedback gathered will help us make informed decisions to improve the parking experience in downtown Anchorage. If you would like to get more information about the survey details, please contact Jeff Read at jread@easyparkalaska.com to set up a meeting.

We will continue to work hard and provide high-quality parking services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations in 2024.


About EasyPark

EasyPark is the brand name of the parking services operated by the Anchorage Community Development Authority (ACDA). ACDA is a self-funded public corporate authority that does not operate using taxpayer dollars for the Municipality of Anchorage. ACDA's parking division, EasyPark, manages more than 6,000 parking spaces in downtown Anchorage.