Locations & Rates

What is Curbside Pickup?

We're offering the opportunity for downtown businesses to transform parking spaces into curbside pickup zones. With COVID-19 making it more difficult for people to gather in person, we thought curbside pickup zones might help businesses stay open, and customers to get what they need, all with reduced contact.

If you'd like to request a curbside pickup zone for your business, you'll just need the number on the meter you plan to convert. Otherwise, feel free to request more info below.

What is Downtown Dine-Out?

In response to indoor dining restrictions due to COVID-19, we're offering the use of our on-street parking spaces as dining/seating areas for restaurants. Originally something that we would see each year on Park(ing) Day, a parklet (used as dining space in this case) is a metered parking space that is turned into a tiny park.

For more information about parklets, examples of parklets, and how to safely construct and maintain them, check out this great presentation about the Long Beach (CA) Parklet Program. We are also using this document from Walker consultants, which features a great list of best practices and extensive research, as our guide for parklet implementation.

If you'd like to request a dine-out space for your restaurant, you'll just need the numbers on the meters (maximum of 3 per business) that you plan to convert. Otherwise, feel free to request more info below.

Examples of our Park(ing) day Parklets

Participating Businesses

Restaurants With Dine-Out:

  • 49th State Brewing & Co.
  • AK Alchemist
  • Dark Horse Cafe
  • The Gumbo House
  • International House of Hot Dogs
  • The Kobuk Cafe
  • Midnight Sun Cafe
  • Moose A'la Mode
  • Originale
  • Roscoe's Catfish & BBQ
  • Snow City Cafe
  • Uncle Joe's Pizzeria
  • White Spot Cafe
  • The Red Chair Cafe

Curbside Pickup Zones:

  • Red Chair
  • Snow City
  • Captain Cook
  • Urban Greens
  • Side St. Espresso
  • Uncle Joe's Pizza
  • Club Paris
  • White Spot Cafe
  • Sullivan's Steakhouse
  • Scottie's Subs
  • Kobuk Cafe
  • Alaska Gourmet Subs
  • Humpy's
  • Ginger
  • Fat Ptarmigan
  • Midnight Sun Cafe
  • Originales
  • Glacier Brewhouse
  • International House of Hot Dogs
  • Moose A'la Mode
  • Flat Top Pizza
  • Guest House Inn