Parking Director


The Parking Director oversees multiple aspects of parking for EasyPark. This is executive-level professional work in planning and directing facilities maintenance, revenue collection and enforcement, customer satisfaction, marketing, workplace safety, security and operation of parking garages, surface parking lots and on-street parking meters. Work includes considerable negotiation with vendors, governmental officials, public and special interest groups and others regarding current and planned parking measures.

Essential Duties


  • Directs operations of multi-level parking garages, surface parking lots, metered on-street parking and special revenue-producing activities including facility maintenance, parking enforcement, and parking revenue collection.
  • Provides guidance and expertise to EasyPark related to parking policies, including but not limited to parking rates, enforcement, ADA compliance, progressive parking policies, and the integration of progressive parking initiatives.
  • Communicates effectively with residents, businesses and the public on policy changes and initiative rollout.
  • Provides research, analysis, project management, coordination, and communications related to policies, initiatives and programs. Maintains data related to the current parking environment. Develops projections related to overall future needs and location of parking. Collaborates with MOA Departments, Agencies and other team members in reviewing parking capacity and shared parking arrangements for development projects in the MOA. Provides analysis and guidance on the impacts to the overall neighborhoods.
  • Reviews and expands curb management programs to accommodate diverse on street mobility options including flex spaces for deliveries and short term parking needs and on demand transportation.
  • Develop and implement a dynamic transportation plan to support the community and visitors to the city.
  • Lead the program using data analytics, as well as information gathered by surveyors, transport systems and parking systems.
  • Evaluate existing programs and develop operational improvements with branding/marketing plans.
  • Identifies and implements revenue-generating and other equipment systems to attract and increase public facility utilization. Coordinates with Municipal Traffic Engineering to address traffic flow and parking issues to facilitate parking access or enable special function use.
  • Negotiates contracts and agreements with local and national vendors for equipment and services; monitors to ensure compliance or service delivery. Negotiates and monitors physical security contracts applicable to parking garages, surface lots, offices and other facilities.
  • Addresses complaints and/or suggestions from customers, reviews policies and procedures and develops or amends policies as appropriate.
  • Analyzes, recommends and implements changes regarding operating conditions, systems and procedures. Prepares reports on operations, programs and conditions as needed or required.
  • Provides information on parking related plans, programs, initiatives and issues through public presentations, to business, community groups, governmental bodies, and various media sources.
  • Performs other duties as needed.

Board Relations

  • Attends Board and Operations Committee meetings representing EasyPark.
  • Formulate, propose for board adoption, implement and administer policies and procedures to enhance public parking services within the Municipality. Ensure actions taken contribute in a positive way to the growth and development of the community.
  • Prepare monthly report to Board of Directors thru the Executive Director summarizing and forecasting the Company’s business activity and financial position.

Planning and Budgeting

  • Develops the EasyPark operating and capital budgets thru the Executive Director.
  • Develop annual financial and operating goals for EasyPark. Establish and maintain policies of expense control to contain cost within board approved budget.
  • Recommends major contracts for goods and services in which EasyPark will become a party.
  • Identifies and plans capital and operational projects and cost projections for preparation of annual budget. Develops requests for proposal and manages bid processes and contract awards. Negotiates and executes contracts as appropriate.
  • Analyzes departmental capital and operational budgets and expenditures and implements measures to ensure expenditures within budget allocations.
  • Conduct or attend meetings with community and professional service organizations. Retain external advisory or consulting service as needed within approved authority.
  • Monitor and analyze internal and external factors affecting operations. Implement appropriate corrective actions.
  • Conduct strategic planning session with members of senior staff to establish definite goals and objectives for improved service


  • Ensure EasyPark is compliant with applicable laws, regulations and codes in the performance of parking activities.
  • Monitor the operation of EasyaPark business through verbal and written reports on a regular basis. Review and approve monthly financial reports, bond indentures and ordinance-required reports. Ensure operations are running according to plan and budget.
  • Review financial and management audit findings. Oversee follow-up action on deficiencies revealed by internal/external audit examinations, analyses and/or recommendations. Partner with legal or auditing entity on significant problems or findings and ensure action is taken to bring EasyPark within compliance.

Directing and Controlling

  • Provide guidance, counsel and direction to subordinate managers. Develop policies and procedures that contribute to the morale of employees and foster a positive image of the EasyPark.
  • Take appropriate actions to ensure legal and financial obligations of the EasyPark are met.
  • Exercise overall responsibility for training, morale, safety, performance and evaluation of employees. Recommend the establishment, abolition or re-designation of job positions, classifications, employee salaries and benefits.
  • Provide general oversight on overall interpretation of EasyPark’s mission, managerial matters of significance which are company-wide in scope, functional, organizational, or managerial structure issues. Review and approve recommendations for major economic objectives and policies.
  • Approve operating policies and procedures. Confer with subordinate staff members to obtain dates required for planning, controlling and scheduling EasyPark activities.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Supervises Parking Division management staff (Customer Service Manager, Operations Manager, Facilities Manager and Branding & Creative Manager); conducts or implements employment actions including performance evaluation, promotion, training, transfer, disciplinary action, employee selection and termination. Assigns and monitors work as necessary.

Essential Skills Experience & Knowledge

Education and Experience:

A Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Public Administration or a related field plus five years of managerial experience in a related field including five years of supervisory experience. Additional related experience may substitute for the educational requirement. Accreditation as a Certified Parking Professional (CPP) or Certified Administrator of Public Parking (CAPP) is highly desirable.

Must have/obtain and retain a valid Alaska Driver’s License throughout employment.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of: local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations affecting parking services and operations; current negotiations methods and techniques; modern staff motivation, development, management and supervisory practices and procedures; business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources. Knowledge of RFP, competitive bidding and public procurement processes.
  • Ability to: communicate clearly orally and in writing; make presentations to print and electronic media sources, governmental bodies and community groups; establish and maintain effective relationships with staff, vendors, governmental officials, community leaders and groups, and special interest groups; effectively operate a personal computer using modern word processing, spreadsheet, Internet/e-mail, electronic calendaring and special applications; and, read, comprehend and implement complex guidelines, rules and regulations.
  • Ability to: develop competitive bid specifications for capital and long-term projects; develop effective budgets and control measures; and, monitor departmental budget expenditures and adjust expenditure patterns to ensure budget compliance. Ability to oversee/manage capital construction projects within budget and deadlines.

Physical Requirements

Sit, stand, walk, climb stairs, negotiate uneven terrain, drive, talk, see, hear, reach, lift, push, pull, and carry.

Work Environment

Work is generally performed in office environment with moderate noise level and includes driving with exposure to traffic hazards, noise, and exhaust fumes. Also is exposed to hazardous conditions at development and work sites, inclement weather, cold, heat and insects.