Maintenance Technician


Position is responsible for performing entry level semi-skilled labor that includes the

maintenance and mechanical upkeep and repair of buildings, facilities, equipment and

parking equipment.

After meeting specific training and performance requirements, Maintenance Technician I

categorized employees will become eligible for promotion to Maintenance Technician II,

however, this is in no way a guarantee of promotion even in the event that a vacancy

exists in the Maintenance Technician II classification.

Essential Duties

Assists in the installation, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of gated

revenue control equipment including booths, ticket dispensers, card readers, electronic

boards/relays, ground loops, CPUs, etc. under the supervision of a Maintenance

Technician II trained in revenue control equipment (soon to be replaced by gateless

systems employing cameras and vehicle recognition software).

 Assists with parking meter installation, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and

repair. Upon completion of Meter Maintenance Technician training, may be assigned to

assume the on street Meter Maintenance Technician position.

 Performs single space parking meter daily audit in conjunction with contracted meter

revenue collection staff on assigned routes, submits report to finance department staff.

 Conducts regular scheduled and unscheduled safety inspections of facilities and repairs

damaged concrete and asphalt surfaces including mixing and pouring concrete and

surface finishing.

Makes minor repairs to equipment and facilities, including plumbing fixtures, electrical

switches and lighting fixtures. Assists Maintenance Technician II with installation of

plumbing fixtures and electrical circuits and fixtures data cables for intercom, camera and

revenue control systems.

 Inspects, installs and makes minor repairs to fire extinguishers and fire extinguisher


 Inspects, adjusts, and repairs doors including repairing and replacing lock push bars,

reprogramming electronic and keyless entry systems, re-keying doors, etc.

 Operates laptop and handheld computers, tablets, trucks, snow removal equipment, and

other hand and power tools used in building and facilities maintenance; electrical,

plumbing, data, fire alarm, HVAC, and other systems .

 Maintains vehicles and equipment to ensure their safe operation; changes and adds

fluids; recommends sending equipment and vehicles out for specialized repair.

 Responds to after-hour emergency calls to repair any and all equipment as well as secure

or replace broken glass or make other emergency repairs, as required.

 Constructs and disassembles equipment for special events including stages, holiday lights

and decorations, tables and chairs, and barricades. May be required to make signs.

 Paints facilities using brush, roller or sprayer; includes taping and applying weather

stripping including stripping of parking spaces in parking garages & lots. May be asked to

inspect work of contractors.

 Cleans up paper and other debris; empties trash receptacles; and pressure washes

buildings and sidewalks.

 Removes snow from parking lots, garage parking areas, sidewalks, and other designated

areas. This often requires reporting to work early and/or staying late.

 Maintains and inventories equipment and tools. Performs scheduled inventory of

equipment and supplies.

 Works as a part of a team and independently to complete assigned tasks.

 Picks up and delivers supplies to and from vendor(s).

 Maintains two-way radio equipment..

 Assists customers with disabled vehicles.

 Additional related duties as assigned.

Supervisory Responsibilities

This is not a supervisory position.

Essential Skills Experience & Knowledge

Ability to analyze routine maintenance needs on equipment and determine when and what

kind of maintenance is needed.

 Ability to: use and operate a personal computer using modern operating systems and

software including word, excel, e-mail and others; read and understand written materials

such as work orders, instructions; time cards, Material Safety Data Sheets, memos, letters,

and other documents written in English; to understand spoken information and ideas; and

to establish effective working relationships with co-workers, staff, patrons, customers and

the general public and to communicate effectively orally and in writing using correct

grammar, verb tenses, spelling and punctuation.

 Ability to safely operate motor vehicles requiring a standard Alaska Drivers’ License and

other motorized vehicles.

 Knowledge of ACDA policies, processes and procedures and the ability to effectively assist

customers in resolving parking/maintenance issues and problems

 The ability to read and understand information, instructions and ideas presented in writing.

 Repairing machines or systems using the appropriate tools.

 The ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken

words and sentences.

Physical Requirements

Ability to frequently lift and move objects weighing between 50 and 75 pounds and

occasionally over 75 pounds.

 Requires repetitive bending, kneeling, climbing, sitting (ladders, stairs, in & out of trucks,

etc.), reaching, standing, walking, crawling, etc. (above ceilings, under buildings, on hard,

slippery, and uneven surfaces).

Work Environment

Work is often performed outdoors in all weather conditions and on slippery and/or uneven


 Work is performed primarily in garage structures that are often cooler or hotter than

normal offices.

 Noise levels are often high due to the use of equipment and the running of vehicle


 The individual is subject to moderate exposure to extreme temperatures, fumes, dirt, dust,

vapors, smoke, etc.