Call our dispatch center to take advantage of these services 7 days a week, from 5AM - Midnight: 297-4471

We're proud to provide convenient and quality parking options to downtown Anchorage. But, we provide more than just a space for your car. Along with security for you and your vehicle, we offer: 

  1. Escorts to and from your vehicle if it is parked in one of our lots or garages

  2. Tire fills for low tires

  3. Jump starts

Q & A


Q: Who will be picking me up?
A: You will be escorted by two individuals that work for either EasyPark or the Anchorage Downtown Partnership. These employees are all trained in First Aid, CPR and are equipped to perform security escorts. 

Q: Who can call for an escort?
A: Any customer parked in one of our EasyPark garages or lots.

Q: How far will an escort take me?
A: Escorts are intended to be short and go directly to/from our customer's cars and their downtown destination.

Tire Fills

Q: Who will fill my tire?
A: An EasyPark employee or Anchorage Downtown Partnership Ambassador will arrive to fill your low tire with a portable electronic air pump. 

Q: Can I get assistance replacing or repairing my flat tire?
A: Unfortunately, no. We are only able to provide air for low tires at this time.

Jump Starts

Q: What if I am parked facing a wall?
A: An EasyPark or Anchorage Downtown Partnership employee will use a portable battery pack made specifically for this job.

Q: Is there any risk to my battery or vehicle?
A: We take every precautionary measure to make sure that your battery and vehicle will not be damaged by our services. We do, however, ask that those receiving these services sign a liability waiver.