5th & B Garage - Traffic Pattern Alert

January 24, 2020

Work continues on the new garage equipment at 5th & B parking garage on 4th Avenue, B Street, and C Street. Please be aware that traffic patterns will change through Wednesday, January 29, 2020.

It is expected that entering and exiting the 5th & B parking garage will be impacted due to the temporary closures of some lanes.

If you have a monthly permit for the 5th & B parking garage, please consider staying parked throughout the day or plan ahead for additional time to enter/exit the parking garage.

Please be alert for workers, signage, barricades, materials and assorted equipment. Please drive slowly in the parking garage while construction is occurring.

Parking staff will be present during peak hours to ensure the safety of pedestrians and parkers.

If you have any parking challenges, please call our Safety First line at 297-4471.

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